Commercial units

Image 19Why Duplex?

Duplex water softeners supply soft water 24hrs a day, with no interruptions. With regenerations directly linked to the amount of water used, there is no ‘outage’ time for hard water, and salt use is kept to a minimum.

 A traditional single tank softener has to be considerably larger than actually required to accommodate peak water demand. When a single tank softener regenerates, it can only provide hard water during the regeneration, where as, the Duplex unit would simply switch to the standby unit to ensure a continuous supply of soft water.


Duplex water softeners have two softening vessels sharing the same salt tank. These two vesels are connected by a single control valve with a built in water meter. One vessel supplies soft water whilst the other remains on standby. When the required amount of soft water has been reached this vessel begins an automatic regeneration with soft water then supplied from the previous standby vessel. This role is then reversed when the next regeneration is due. This way there is a continuous supply of soft water at all times.

With our Duplex softeners using a wet brine system, the regenerations can be more frequent ensuring an even greater output of soft water from a smaller softener.

Image 25Electronic on demand

h12 volt plug-in transformer – Reliable controller – Low salt and water use – Easy programming – 5-year parts warranty – Self adjusting reserve capacity – Retains memory – Solid state electronics and a reliable meter – Fine injector screen – Quiet operation – Simple and rugged construction – Self aligning flapper valves – Unique separation feature – Internal bypass automatically provides water during regeneration allowing for easy servicing  held shut by water pressure – well proven over many years – prevents injector blockages and subsequent overflows for years of trouble-free operation, even during power cuts – keeps operating costs to a minimum – longest within industry – only regenerates when necessary based on your actual water needs – measures and remembers your daily water consumption