Customer comments

The letters below are from our customers

  • J.Price (Jacquie), Welling, Kent – Dear Jeremy, I have been a customer of yours for over 10 years and have always been very pleased with your prompt service and the reasonable price you have charged. You are always willing to attend out of hours time and I can confirm I have recommended you to friends and relatives. Thank you again.
  • S J Thomas, Ivy Hatch, Sevenoaks, Kent – I have had the great pleasure of knowing Jeremy in his capacity as our water softener engineer for many years and can vouch  for his expertise in that field. The standard of his workmanship is of the highest quality and his general business approach is excellent. Jeremy has always left us entirely satisfied with his work and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is looking for a reliable, first class water softener engineer.
  • Mrs.Eckersley, Wye, Kent – I have always had the most efficient and helpful attention from Jeremy over my water softener and the continued filter replacements – and highly recommend “E.R.Longley”
  • John Robinson. M.B.E., Canterbury, Kent – Jeremy has looked after my ‘Water Problems’ for many years. He offers a totally reliable and quite outstanding service, which is thoroughly professional, delivered without fuss, in a speedy and very competent way. I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending him to anyone who may require his company’s help.
  • Janet J, Dover, Kent – Email: Subject: your repair – After my vague telephone call saying I thought the water was softer, I can now assure you that it’s absolutely A1 Thankyou v. Much
  • Harry Wald,Folkestone,Kent – Dear Jeremy, I am just writing to you to let you know how pleased I am with the water softener. It is working well and your interest in ensuring it continues to be efficient is very re-assuring. So thanks again for all your help.
  • Peter Edgley, Elham, Kent – Jeremy Crush of E R Longley has fitted various filters and softeners in my homes over the last 8 years. His work is quite outstanding and I would not hesitate to give a first class recommendation.
  • Mr Arnold-Kemsing Kent – Thank you very much for your advice over the phone,your advice was spot on and cured the problem straight away, once again you were spot on with your advice many thanks.
  • Mr Spittlehouse-Broadstairs Kent – Many thanks for repairing our water softener so efficiently and promptly.
  • Mrs Weavers-Orpington Kent – I just thought I`d write to thank you again for the quick and efficient installation of our water softener. There was virtually no mess or disruption and my kitchen was left just as you found it. I wanted a water softener for several reasons one of them being that my three year old daughter has suffered with eczema and dry skin since birth. I can not believe it myself but the condition has not just improved it has vanished! That alone makes the cost worthwhile for us without even considering the pure luxury of using soft water. Thanks again for your brilliant service.
  • Mr Spittlehouse-Broadstairs Kent – Just a short note to express our sincere thanks for all your help and goodwill over the past few years, we always enjoyed your visits you were always so cheerful and helpfull. I have passed on your details to the new owners, kindest regards.
  • Mr and Mrs Jackson-East Sussex – We write to you to confirm the success of the water softener you have installed with regards to the positive effect it had had on our sons eczema, prior to the installation our son had to have steroid cream and moisturiser applied at least twice a day, together with oil in his bath, his skin was almost permanently red raw all over and very little could be done to alleviate his suffering. A week after the installation the difference was unbelievable! His skin is now 95% improved he has no moisturiser, no bath oil and very little steroid cream – his GP was amazed that a change to the water could make so much difference. All of our lives have improved so much and we are very grateful for your prompt and efficient service, if our experience can help any other eczema sufferers please feel free to recount the tale as often as you like.

  • Mariano – As far as the water softener is concerned, I couldn’t be happier as it works fantastically well. What a difference from the previous one! As far as the installer is concerned, everyone in the family has been very impressed with him, for his kindness and gentle approach, that’s why he was awarded with the bottle of the family wine and introduced immediately to our friend Pieter, next door which has also been very happy with the service that you carried out on his kinetic water softener. Just today, I have been sharing with another family next door my satisfaction and joy deriving from the use of our new water softener and as they have a little boy that suffers from eczema, they are now also contemplating installing one as well.

  • Mr & Mrs K.L.M. – My wife and I found Mr Longley (or Jeremy) to be an excellent workman ie. clean tidy and unhurried when he fitted our water softener with which we are very pleased.