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Harvey’s Softened Water Washing Powder

Harvey Softeners have developed a unique and specially formulated non-bio, biodegradable washing powder that takes advantage of all the benefits of softened water.

It outperforms the UK washing powder market leader, and is effective at washing at the lower temperature of 30 degrees!

To comply with legislation, all washing powders sold in the UK and Europe must meet the requirements of the European Regulation EU 648/2004. This regulation focuses on biodegradability, and Harvey’s advises that their powder exceeds the requirements of this regulation.


  • Superior cleaning when compared with the market-leading non-biological powder and uses less powder

  • No added chemicals to overcome the effects of hard water
  • Non-biological
  • Cleans at 30 degrees Centigrade (however we recommend 40 degrees for the best cleaning results) 

  • Free-flowing and leaves no powder residue in the drawer
  • Dermatologically tested at Reading Clinical Research and officially approved as Suitable or Sensitive Skin
  • The powder is fully biodegradable

  • Not tested on animals – only humans!