View Our COVID-19 Update - 20/05/20

We continue to strive hard to protect our customers, and have strict procedures in place to ensure your safety.

In most circumstances, we are now able to carry out home visits for the purpose of servicing equipment, replacing filters, and delivering salt. We can also now visit your home to help you choose the right softener for your needs (a sales visit), and safely carry out installations as well.

The only exceptions are if someone is either shielding, self-isolating or has symptoms of Coronavirus within your home.

If you would like your salt delivered to you, when we arrive at your home we will place the salt outside the front of your home in the preferred location.

We can also now carry out free of charge health checks on your water softener once more.

If you should happen to have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me on

My very best
Laurence Willis
Managing Director


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