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We have searched for the finest range of 2-way taps we could find. These are so good that the supplier, Howdens, even is a holder of the Queens Royal Warrant!

Explore our range of popular 2-way kitchen taps, where you will find a beautiful range of designs and finishes.

All of our 2-way taps come with a 2-year guarantee too!​

A Proposal For You

So the rule of thumb is, if you buy a tap on the internet you probably are going to experience a problem.

That may sound unfair, but our experience has shown us that while there are so many beautiful taps available online when it comes to fitting them, they too frequently leak due to foreign fittings or have some sort of problem with their finish.

So for our new water softener installation customers, here is a proposal for you...

If we are fitting you a water softener, and you would like a replacement 2-way or 3-way tap at the same time, then we will supply this to you at cost price.

The reason I do this is because we have selected our taps very carefully, and we know that we can trust their quality and manufacture, and therefore can be confident that once fitted, you as a customer will be delighted and we as the local business you trust won't get unnecessary callbacks.

So we'd rather you bought from us, and that way we know we are providing a quality product, and you know you are making a great purchasing decision.

On the other hand, if you are simply looking for a replacement tap, then also feel free to have a look through our range.

Each tap has been carefully priced to make them great value-for-money, and we'll be happy to fit it for you for a very reasonable cost, and you can be confident that a proper job has been done!