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The benefits of Quooker.

Hydroworks is an authorised Quooker dealer.

A Quooker boiling water tap is a popular kitchen appliance that provides instant access to boiling water at the touch of a button.

Here are some benefits of a Quooker tap:

  1. Convenience: With a Quooker boiling water tap, you can get instant access to boiling water for tea, coffee, cooking, and other purposes. This saves time and eliminates waiting for a kettle to boil.

  2. Energy Efficiency: A Quooker system is more energy-efficient than a traditional kettle. It only heats the needed water, using less energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

  3. Space-Saving: A Quooker tap can help save space in your kitchen by eliminating the need for a kettle or other water-heating appliances.

  4. Safety: Quooker boiling water taps are designed with safety in mind. They have a childproof handle and a safety lock that prevents accidental boiling water spills or burns.

  5. Cleanliness: A Quooker boiling water tap can help keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free. You no longer need to keep a kettle on your countertop, which means less clutter and less cleaning.

  6. Hygiene: Boiling water kills bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. With a Quooker, you can be assured that the water you use for cooking or drinking is free of harmful contaminants.

Overall, a Quooker boiling water tap is a convenient, energy-efficient, space-saving, safe, and hygienic addition to any kitchen.

It provides instant access to boiling water, making your life easier and more efficient.

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Importance of 100 degrees boiling water.

How we choose the right Quooker system for your home

Step 1 – We start by selecting the best tank for your home

Step 2 – We can then help you choose your favourite tap

Step 3 - We can then talk about any necessary accessories

Step 4 - Calculate your Quooker equipment costs and any installation costs - see the price list here

 Step 5 – We need to think about the best way to protect your Quooker from the very damaging effects of hard water scaling

Here is what your installation might look like once completed.  In this case, we have used the larger Quooker Pro7 tank, with Quooker Cube for chilled and sparkling water, and the tap we have used is the Flex in a very popular and smart polished chrome finish:

The Installation of the Quooker Pro7 Boiling Water tank withFlex tap in Polished Chrome, along with the Quooker Cube for sparkling and chilled drinking water.

Step 1 – We start by selecting the tank you would like

At this step, consider if you're currently waiting a long time for your hot tap in the kitchen to give hot water.

If you are, you would very likely benefit from choosing the Combi tank, which conveniently supplies hot water and instantaneous boiling water together!

If your hot water delivery time is not of concern to you, we can start by deciding how much instantaneous boiling water you want available.

Important installation considerations:

  • A 13A power socket is required. 

  • If installing the Quooker onto a single socket that is shared with any other devices, it is recommended that the Quooker Powerswitch is used. 

    (Important Note:  The Power switch is incompatible with the PRO7 when used with a CUBE.  If a PRO7 is used with a CUBE, then a dedicated 13amp socket will be required)

  • If selecting either the Pro3 or Pro7 tanks, hot & cold water feeds need to be within 500mm of the tank. If selecting the Combi, just a cold feed is required.

  • If you have a loft tank system (gravity-fed hot water), the Quooker recommendation is installing the Combi tank.

  • The minimum cold water pressure required is 2 bar.

These are the three tanks to choose from
How to choose your Quooker tank.
  • The Combi Tank – a tank that does both boiling water and hot water, or

  • The Pro 3 Tank – 3 Litres of boiling water, or

  • The Pro 7 Tank – 7 Litres of boiling water

How does the tank work?

Water is stored in a highly pressurised, vacuum-sealed, stainless steel tank at 110°C.  The water in the tank is held under pressure in a patented high vacuum installation.

This gives your Quooker a total standby power consumption of just 10 Watts which equals approximately 3P per day and 1p per litre thereafter.

The Quooker is the only system on the market with a patented HiTAC filter that filters all boiling water upon delivery.

What does the tank look like inside?

The following image details what the tank looks like inside:

Step 2 – We then  help you choose the best tap for your home.

A Quooker Boiling Water system consists of a kitchen tap on your worktop and a tank in your kitchen cupboard. 

If you wanted cold and sparkling water, that is now an option with the CUBE, a separate accessory connecting to the main Quooker boiling water system.

There are various tap styles and finishes for you to choose from.

The most popular is the 3-in-1 taps that deliver hot, cold, and boiling water.   

There is a growing trend for separate single boiling water-only taps, and we have noted that some of our clients have preferred this so that they know which tap to go to for tea and coffee. 

The separate tap is also very popular in commercial offices, such as office blocks.  The separate boiling-water tap can be offset to one side of the sink or even over its own dedicated circular drain. 

A good place to start is to have a look at how easy it is to use the Quooker tap
How to use a Quooker tap

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Here is the range of Quooker taps and finishes

Let's look at the taps in a bit more detail.

The Flex 3-in-1 Tap
The Quooker Flex is a combination of a boiling water tap and a mixer tap.

It incorporates a pull-out hose for extra reach in the sink. When the hose is pulled out, it only delivers hot and cold water, not boiling water, which is a great safety feature. The Flex has a round spout.

All Quooker taps provide chilled sparkling water when combined with a Quooker CUBE.

  • Height: 412mm
  • Reach: 220mm
  • Tap hole: Ø 35mm
  • Radius: 270°

The Fusion Round or Fusion Square 3-in-1 Tap
The Quooker elegant Fusion Round or modern Square tap is a combination of a boiling water tap and a mixer tap.

Hot, cold and boiling water comes out of a single tap with either a round or square spout.

All Quooker taps provide chilled sparkling water when combined with a Quooker CUBE.

Round Tap Specs

  • Height: 366mm
  • Reach: 220mm
  • Tap hole: Ø 35mm
  • Radius: 360°

Square Tap Specs

  • Height: 292mm
  • Reach: 220mm
  • Tap hole: Ø 35mm
  • Radius: 360°

The Nordic Twintaps

The Nordic Twintaps are a great combination, and the larger tap is a traditional hot and cold water mixer tap to replace your main kitchen tap, while its smaller sister is the Quooker tap.

The Nordic Twintaps are available in either the elegant round or modern square spout.

All Quooker taps provide chilled sparkling water when combined with a Quooker CUBE.

The Nordic Single Tap

This Nordic single tap is perfect if you don't want to change your kitchen mixer tap or want to have the boiling water tap over its separate round drain.

The Nordic Twintaps are available in the elegant round or modern square spout.

All Quooker taps provide chilled sparkling water when combined with a Quooker CUBE.

Step 3 – We can then talk about any necessary accessories

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Step 4 – We can then calculate your Quooker equipment cost and any installation costs.



Features and Benefits



Never wait for the water to boil again.

It is instantly available.

Energy Efficient

A world-first 'boiler' with 'high-vacuum insulation uses 50 per cent less energy than a kitchen boiler.

Water Efficient

A Quooker helps prevent wastage by not boiling water you don't need or running a tap to let the tap heat up unnecessarily.


Make a quick pot of tea. Make filter coffee, Cook pasta. Blanche asparagus.

Prepare a bottle of milk for a baby. Pre-heat dinner plates. Rinse that dirty casserole dish.

You'll be amazed at what you'll use a Quooker for, including what you didn't purchase your Quooker for originally!


Enjoy fresh boiling water every day.

An active carbon filter in the tank purifies the water, and if you choose to soften the water beforehand, your cups of tea will be beautiful.


With over 500,000 Quookers installed worldwide, the Quooker has led the way with safety features, including a childproof handle, a fully insulated spout, and aerated spray to prevent the risk of serious scalds or burns.

Quooker: the tap that does it all.

Quooker History

Like Hydroworks, Quooker is a family-run business, and also like ourselves, Quooker has a history that goes back to the very beginning of its industry.

Quooker developed the very first boiling water tap, which still is the only true 100°C boiling water tap.

Watch the video of their boiling water journey here and see why, when you choose Quooker, you are not just choosing a boiling water tap but the best. 

You can also download the Quooker history booklet – The invention of the boiling water tap.

Quooker then and now is a story of innovation.