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Case Study – Large Country Estate

This large country estate that we look after has got multiple houses on it including a large stately home.

A very large water storage tank serves the main house and this is serviced by two duplex water softeners.

The current softeners were increasingly struggling with the low volume of water used in the main house and we identified very early on that the impact of this was trickle flow which was resulting in hard water.

The client decided that they would like us to initially take one of the softeners off-line and see if that made a difference and at the same time we suggested that in order for that to possibly work, at the very least we should also replace the ball-valves on the tank with delayed action float valves.

These new float valves allow the water to go into the tank of a much greater flow rate which allows the water to refresh better but also most importantly would allow the volume of water stored to be reduced quite significantly as stored water should be turned over frequently.

By taking the one softener off-line we were able to reduce their salt and water running costs by 12.5 kg per regeneration and over 325 L of water saved.

On our return to check how well the system was working, we noted that the water in the tank was as expected still hard.

At this point we advised the client to take the full recommendation given initially and to update the softeners with a new Minimax Big Blue.

We decided to strip down the existing softness but leave them in situ for the future when the estate is more in use again and let the new smaller softener provide the needs of the estate in its current position.

The result of updating to the new softener is we now use 75 L of water per regeneration and just 900g of salt, which is a significant financial saving to the estate who will save thousands of pounds a year.

Best of all, the water is now completely soft.

Large country estate with reducing water usage.