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Harvey Minimax M3 Water Softener

Minimax M3 made by Harvey Water Softeners

The Minimax M3 is an extremely efficient and reliable water softener with a 10-year guarantee when fitted by Hydroworks.

The Minimax M3 saw the Harvey water softener become the UK's most advanced and tested softener.

When it was first released, the Harvey M3 led the way in water-softening technology and ramped up the stakes in reliability, performance and efficiency.

While the environmentally friendly Minimax Innova has since superseded the Minimax M3, the 4th-Generation Minimax M3 is still available and very popular.

Hydroworks can supply it for DIY installation or supply and install it for you.

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  • Continuous flow rates of 51 litres per minute and peak flow of 65 litres.

  • An impressively low amount of water is required on a cleanse – just 17.1 litres of water used per regeneration.

  • Uses convenient Harvey block salt

  • Suitable for up to 10 people with two bathrooms.

  • Offers both high flow rates and high efficiency.

  • The most comprehensive manufacturer-backed parts guarantee EVER.

  • Dimensions: (W)206mm (H)490mm (D)445mm


These are some of the features of the Harvey Minimax M3:

Smart-Shuttle Metering

Using breakthrough technology, this water softener includes smart shuttle metering. Designed and manufactured to cater to the intricacies of all British plumbing systems. From tanks in the loft to combination boilers and high-flow unvented hot water systems, this water softener does the job perfectly every time.

Low-Pressure Injector

An enhancement feature that ensures your water softener performs to its full potential. Whether your home is supplied with water at low pressure or your family requirements cause fluctuations in pressure, our low-pressure injector ensures maximum reliability.

High Flow Rates

The Minimax M3 is designed for all homes and works with all plumbing systems. With a continuous flow rate of 51 litres per minute (with minimal pressure loss) and peak flow rates of 65 litres a minute, this is the water softener for you and your home.

Stress Tested

Built for maximum life. While the Minimax M2 was tested at 10-bar pressure for 100,000 cycles (above the UK standard), the Minimax M3 goes even further. Over 1 million cycles are tested at the higher pressure of 15 bar for total reliability – this massively exceeds the UK standard and represents decades of reliable service.

The salt bay has a red line. If you see the line, you can easily get another block of salt in and still get the lid on.