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Hydroworks Commercial Water Softeners

Are you looking for an automatic commercial water softener system that can handle large volumes of water? You'll love Hydroworks' selection of Water Softeners, our expertise and our customer service. Our water softeners feature a high-efficiency design that makes them great for busy facilities like commercial kitchens, hotels and gyms because they can treat large amounts of water quickly and easily.

Hard water can be expensive for your business.

Water Softeners are important because they help to reduce the costs associated with hard water conditions. Hydroworks provides its customers with expert advice, service, custom installations, and quality products that last.

Our technical ability to problem solve gives us the edge

It's important to know how hard water affects your business. Only then can you make an informed decision on how best to treat the effects of hard water. Every business is different and requires careful thought.

From as far back as 1926, ER Longley has had a very strong relationship with the commercial sector. We continue this tradition, but now have a much range of products to offer.

As Managing Director and Head of Future, I continue the company's commitment to the commercial sector by bringing significant commercial water softener knowledge and expertise to the business.

Since taking over the business in 2016, I (Laurence Willis) have driven the business further down the commercial route. Today we work closely with many launderettes, nursing homes, care homes, NHS sites, and commercial kitchens. We also have a strong presence in guest houses, bed & breakfasts and hotels across Kent, South East London and Sussex.


Changing over a water softener in a care home & fixing their incorrect installation

Here are some of the effects of hard water you may recognise in your business:

  • Shower screens, tiles, taps, sinks and toilets are probably damaged with hard water staining caused by limescale
  • Flow rates reduce, and temperatures fluctuate as hard water clogs tap and shower cartridges
  • Cleaning and detergent costs are much higher than they need, as hard water takes a lot more time, effort and cost to control and manage.
  • Equipment downtime as maintenance repairs take time, spares cost more, and the more a machine breaks, its life is reduced.
  • Your laundry takes a real hit as your towels, staff uniforms, tablecloths, and bed linens have a faded, rough appearance with a shorter life.
  • You may even have clients with dry skin conditions, eczema, psoriasis, or dandruff, or even have staff who have found that the cleaning and washing they are doing results in dry, chapped hands.
  • Water stains on cutlery, crockery and glassware.

You manage your business. Let us manage your water

Why are we different?

First and foremost, we know what we are doing. We just get commercial softening, how to go about it, how to get the best quality water, how to maintain water softening equipment properly, and how to get the best lifespan from your softeners.

We care about keeping installation and maintenance costs low, so we'll advise you on the best maintenance plan or package for looking after your business and equipment.

We have some excellent payment plans that enable you to spread the cost of maintenance over the course of the year or agreement period, which can include regular check-ups to ensure that everything is operating as it should, thus reducing the cost of actual servicing.

Our care packages can also include salt, and we'll keep your softener topped up, checking the soft water quality on each refill.

Water Softener Benefits