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Read Our COVID-19 Update – May 2020

As of the 1st May 2021, our team are Lateral Flow testing for the symptoms of COVID twice a week, in order to keep our staff, customers and families safe.

Our team continues to follow all strict social distancing guidelines, including sanitising and now the wearing of masks in customer homes where customers are present and this is appropriate.

If we are working within your home, such as changing a filter or servicing a softener, or installing a new softener, we would ask that the area we are working be well ventilated.

The company policy is that we will sanitise our hands on arrival at your home, and on departure too. If we touch surfaces within your home, we will inform you which surfaces we have touched, and we will sanitise those surfaces too with a light bleach solution before we leave.

Our salt was manufactured and stored on pallets more than 30 days ago, and will only have been touched by the member of our team who delivers it, and their hands will be sanitised. We will deliver your salt to your home, and if safe to do so, will leave it in your desired location. If you would prefer your salt to be left outside your home, then we will ascertain beforehand where your preferred safe point is.

Lastly, we will confirm with you that no one in your home is experiencing symptoms or self isolating when booking the appointment to come and see you, plus when confirming the appointment the day before, Daniel will also confirm that no one in your home is self isolating or experiencing symptoms at that time too.

As a final precaution, when we are on our way to your home, the individual coming (Laurence, Alex, Paul or Pete) will also call you to confirm that not only are we experiencing no symptoms, but to ascertain that no circumstances in your own home has changed either.

We remain committed to the safety of our clients, and together we will get through this safely.

Any questions, please call Laurence on 07976 036101 or email the team on

Harvey Minimax Major

Best for larger homes or businesses.

The Minimax Major is perfect for the larger home or small business, and comes in a block or tablet salt model. Its been designed to meet the demands of the large home or a smaller business, such as a bed and breakfast.

It is compact enough to fit inside kitchen units due to its twin cabinet design. One cabinet is home to the twin-cylinder softener, and the other cabinet is where you fill the salt. The cabinets can be next to one another, separated from one another, and even stored on top of each other. The flexibility of the Minimax Major allows you to separate the brine tank from the softener tank, even so, that one is inside the home while other is outside the home.

Without electrics, this simple and powerful softener produces incredibly soft water. The Minimax Major is suitable for up to 20 people on a loft tank system, or up to 4 bathrooms on a direct-fed Megaflow or combination boiler system.

It is really important to size the softener well, so that your softener grows with the demands of the family, and meets the needs of the plumbing of the home too.

Built for maximum life – the Minimax Major is stress-tested at 10-bar pressure for 100,000 cycles, (above the UK standard).​

You can see photos of recent installations of this softener in our Inspiration Gallery.

    • Impressive continuous flow rates of a whopping 80 litres per minute
    • Capable of producing up to 6,400 litres of water a day at 300 ppm of hardness. Stunningly powerful!
    • Uses between just 37–50 litres on a regeneration, depending on water hardness, making it very water efficient
    • Suitable for up to 20 people with 4 bathrooms
    • Offers both very high flow rates and super high efficiency
    • Comes in either a block salt model or a tablet salt model
    • The most comprehensive manufacturer-backed parts guarantee EVER
    • Softener Cabinet: (W)250mm (H)500mm (D)440mm
    • Salt Cabinet – Tablet Salt Model: (W)250mm (H)500mm (D)440mm
    • Salt Cabinet – Block Salt Model: (W)250mm (H)390mm (D)440mm


These are some of the features of the Minimax M3:

Smart-Shuttle Metering

Using breakthrough technology, this water softener includes smart shuttle metering. Designed and manufactured to cater to the intricacies of all British plumbing systems. From tanks in the loft to combination boilers and high flow unvented hot water systems, this water softener does the job, perfectly, every time.

Low-Pressure Injector

An enhancement feature that ensures your water softener performs to its full potential. Whether your home is supplied with water at low pressure, or your family requirements cause fluctuations in pressure, our low-pressure injector ensures maximum reliability.

High Flow Rates

The Minimax M3 is designed for all homes and works with all types of plumbing systems. With a continuous flow rate of 51 litres per minute (with minimal pressure loss) and peak flow rates of 65 litres a minute, this is the water softener for you and your home.

Stress Tested

Built for maximum life. While the Minimax M2 was tested at 10-bar pressure for 100,000 cycles, (above the UK standard), the Minimax M3 goes even further. Over 1 million cycles are tested at the higher pressure of 15 bar for total reliability – this massively exceeds the UK standard and represents decades of reliable service.