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Minimax Softeners - High Water Flow Rates Compared to other makes

The Minimax offers two really significant benefits that you won't find with other twin-cylinder softeners like the American manufactured Kinetico water softener.​

Perfect for multiple power showers, the Minimax M3 delivers massive maximum flow rates of 51 litres a minute, higher than any standard sized home domestic water system requires.​

However, if your demands should happen to exceed a standard household, such as a house with 3 or more bathrooms, or perhaps you run a guest house or hotel, the Minimax Major or Big Blue would be an excellent choice.​

These softeners have a stonkingly high flow rate of up to 80 litres per minute, which is huge for the size of the machine!​

This means that regardless what happens in the future with advancements in British plumbing systems, or changes to your existing heating system, or indeed if you should decide to move home, your Minimax water softener is nicely 'future-proofed'.