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"Up-flow" In-Service

Pretty much every softener has a riser tube inside the middle of the resin tanks, and the route the hard water has to travel is normally down through the resin, which, when water flow is low, such as a dripping ball valve or only a small amount of water being used in the house, this creates trickle flow, and that creates a blend of hard and soft water.

The impact of trickle flow is the apparent cosmetic staining on shower screens and sanitary ware.

The Minimax range is pretty unique as it gets around this in almost every circumstance.

It has no riser tube, instead opting for a complete mesh at the bottom and top of the resin tanks. This means that there is a greater spread of water flow across the tanks.

But it goes one step further… By then pushing the hard water up through the resin, rather than down, the flow of water shakes up the resin, creating a 100% exchange of hard water for softened water - this, in turn, produces a quality of softened water that is pretty much unparalleled.

You are in for a real treat!