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Less than 1% Failure Rate

Years back, the Minimax softeners had just a 1-year guarantee. As the product improved, this was increased to 5-years. However, as good as the product was, in those days it still had a 10% failure rate.

Harvey eventually decided that the product needed a new level of professionalism behind it, and a new technical director was sought. This gentleman, Martin Hurtworth came from the premium car light manufacturing industry and promptly promised to get the failure rate down to ZERO % within a year. Martin achieved zero % failure within 6 months.

‍The 4th-generation Minimax M3 brings the best in technological advances to the market and is outperforming anything created previously. Unsurprising considering how intensively the softener is stress-tested – 1 million cycles at 10 bar!

Even the Minimax Major and Big Blue exceed industry requirements with testing at 100,000 cycles at 10 bar!

‍Harvey Water Softeners has a world-leading manufacturing plant in Woking which is considered to be the Centre of Excellence for the industry.