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Water softener installation in Horsham

Hydroworks did a good job of selling and installing a Harvey's water softener for us and we are pleased with the outcome. I would have given 5 stars but for one irritating issue, Where the outside wall was drilled from the inside for the softener overflow pipe, quite a large piece of the face of a brick in the outside wall was knocked off leaving an untidy appearance. If the outside wall could have been drilled from the outside, this might not have happened.

In response: When we get things wrong, every effort is made to correct things and then ensure the customer is delighted. In this case, once we learned of the problem and contacted the customer, we were informed they had solved the problem themselves and didn't feel they needed us to replace the broken brick. We have since received an email from this customer which we felt would be helpful to other customers considering a water softener…

Our water softener was installed on May 4th this year and we started to notice the difference about four days later. I installed new salt blocks on June 19th (after 46 days) when the level of the old blocks reached the red line and again today 29/8 (70 days) so it seems that your estimate of having to replace the salt blocks every two months was about right. The things that we notice now are:

1. The chrome taps and other fittings in the bathrooms remain shiny.

2. My shaving water has foam on the top, not scum so has the water in the shower tray.

3. Eczema on my back is so much better that only rarely do I need to apply any cream to stop the itching. This was a complete surprise. However, I do notice when I shower at the sports centre that my back is slightly itchy again.

4. There is no buildup of slimy residue in the washing machine.

SH, Horsham