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Simply amazing product which has changed my life!

After many years of suffering from eczema, we decided to invest in a water softener after this was recommended to us by a friend who said this could improve my skin condition. We called Hydroworks and Laurence came to our home and did a comprehensive demonstration and showed us the difference between hard and soft water. We were really happy with his personalised approach and therefore we decided to go with Hydroworks to complete the installation. The installation was completed professionally and without any disruption. It took a few weeks for me to notice a difference in the feel of the water but I guess this was due to the limescale flushing through and out of the system.

After about three weeks the difference was clearly noticeable and having a bath made the water feel silky and smooth. After about six weeks I started to notice an improvement in my skin and my eczema started to clear up. Due to the difference in now having soft water I am not able to manage my eczema through only having to use moisturisers which means I am no longer reliant on potent steroid creams and I never thought this could be possible! Whenever we stay away at hotels I immediately feel the difference in the water quality and the adverse effect this has on my skin. I would defiantly recommend a water softener to other people with skin complaints and I cannot recommend Hydroworks enough due to the personal service which we received from Laurence and his team. Thank you for making such a difference to me and for helping to improve my skin condition!

Gary Luxumburg-Chalon, Haywards Heath