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Industry Leading Guarantees

The power-punching 10-year parts guarantee of the entire Minimax range says a lot about the reliability and performance of these softeners.​

The Minimax range of softeners was the first of all Harvey Softeners to get a comprehensive 10-year parts guarantee that even included the resin tanks.

In addition to this, Harvey goes further and offers guarantees that protect your boiler from corrosion when fitted with his softener, plus there are a washing machine and dishwasher guarantee, and even a biological cesspit tank guarantee.

But there is even more...

Harvey Bowden, the chairman of Harvey Softeners has promised Hydroworks customers that your Minimax water softener will

  • remove the scale in your kettle within 6 weeks,
  • from around your heating boiler exchanger within 6 months
  • from all your pipework within 2 years (if you are using softened water in your heating system)!

You can read more about Harvey's Minimax guarantees below: