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Hydroworks offers professional domestic and commercial water softener servicing, maintenance and repairs that you can rely on.

Maintaining and servicing a water softener well requires excellent knowledge of the equipment and the principles of water softening, with a strong knowledge of how domestic and commercial water systems work. 

Additionally, you also really need a strong ability not only to fault find but also to solve what can sometimes be complex on-site problems - sometimes the equipment is working perfectly, but actually, the problem is elsewhere! 

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That's where my team at Hydroworks and I (Laurence) specialise.

Our team of water softener engineers are initially trained by the equipment manufacturers and continually undergo update refreshers.  

Once they have their basic training, I step into solution training my team to become experts in our industry.

I (Laurence) am a professional water softener expert and have worked within this industry for over 24 years. I also started training for British Gas in a very technical role that required solution-based problem-solving. 

I work hard to ensure that my team are highly knowledgeable, and we are very good at communicating internally to ensure that we all work at the same high level. 

I take a keen interest in our customers needs, their installations and my team, so don't be surprised if it is me you see coming to service your softener.

Hyroworks is unique in our industry as we are one of a few companies that can service and maintain all makes of water softeners and filters.  Here are some of the more common brands of equipment we can maintain:

We also service drinking water systems and Quooker boiling water taps.

Our customers tell us our pricing is exceptionally reasonable, and we are very methodical in our work, keeping excellent records. 

When we carry out a service, be it domestic or commercial, we allow enough time to do the job properly. If any spares are needed, we will keep you fully informed so that you can make the right decisions before we replace anything.

We will also always look at the installation itself to ensure that it is also fit for its purpose and does not present any problems or challenges to the user or homeowner.

Sometimes, a rare exception can occur when finding a softener, making it complicated to diagnose multiple faults straight off.  This is because some softeners can have multiple faults, and you won't know that you've got a specific fault because it has been masked by another fault that is creating a more obvious problem.

Every effort will be made to find and fix the fault the first time, but if your machine is one of those exceptions where other faults are masking faults, once again, we will keep you fully informed and work diligently to fix the problem.

We'll come to your home or business, check the condition of the installation, test the softness of your incoming hard water and the quality of softened water, and test the water pressure.  We'll also complete an overview of the installation and give you a full update.

Due to the wide scope of businesses we serve, including the NHS, we are covered extensively for insurance. We have strong protocols in place for health and safety and risk management.

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Servicing and Repair

With our in-depth knowledge of almost all water softeners, our service team will keep your softener performing at its best and will always give you the best advice.

We only use new and genuine manufacturer spares to ensure you get your equipment's best value and performance.

Our service cost is based on a repair on-site.

If any spares are required, we will give you our best advice and the costs so that you can make the most informed decision.

Suppose your softener needs to be returned to our workshop for a complete strip-down and repair under workshop conditions. In that case, we will endeavour to leave you with a *FREE Service Replacement Unit for the repair period so that you do not miss out on the benefits of softened water. (*subject to availability)

Our services and repairs come with a 12-month parts and labour guarantee on replacement components. These will be chargeable if subsequent faults are unrelated to the original service or repair. Still, we often don't charge for the labour in those circumstances, except in exceptional circumstances.

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