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EcoWater Evolution Power 500

Elegant, sophisticated and highly effective.


The eVOLUTION Power 500 softener offers a great deal of scalability, meeting not only the softened water needs of a large family, but also of artisans and small medium-sized businesses. 

This softener has a sleek and elegant appearance and attractive soft design. 

The Power 500 Water Softener

  • This softener is a suitable for 6+ people in the home and is a 25L softener.
  • It features 6.86m³ of softened water between regenerations and delivers a flow rate of 2.16m³ per hour
  • Dimensions : Height 1140 mm, Width 355 mm, Depth 510 mm
1" synthetic rotary Double Disk Valve with Teflon-coated disks
  • Exclusive and patented for better reliability and more durability.
  • Offers a 30% improvement in pressure drop for the same service flow and has a 30% improvement in flow rate at 1-bar pressure drop.
  • Power 500, Refiner Power

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