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We continue to strive hard to protect our customers, and have strict procedures in place to ensure your safety.

In most circumstances, we are now able to carry out home visits for the purpose of servicing equipment, replacing filters, and delivering salt. We can also now visit your home to help you choose the right softener for your needs (a sales visit), and safely carry out installations as well.

The only exceptions are if someone is either shielding, self-isolating or has symptoms of Coronavirus within your home.

If you would like your salt delivered to you, when we arrive at your home we will place the salt outside the front of your home in the preferred location.

We can also now carry out free of charge health checks on your water softener once more.

If you should happen to have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me on

My very best
Laurence Willis
Managing Director


Inspiration Gallery

Customise & enhance your experience...

We pride ourselves on an excellent quality of installation. Here we showcase the bypass set using space-saving Butterfly Valves

These high flow lever valves are popular as a bypass set where possible - they need to be more spaced out so are not always suitable

Where space is limited, such as underneath a kitchen sink, these butterfly valves are excellent, and give maximum flow of water too!

This client near Sevenoaks wanted a new softener installed for a large family home of 4 people, plus chose to enjoy softened filtered drinking water from the main kitchen tap.

This Minimax M2 is installed in a kitchen cabinet, and to maximise space, we have installed this softener in a space saving way by dropping it through the base of the unit. A popular solution

This is what hard water actually looks like. This is a glass of hard water, and in it is a small test tube which I have added a chemical to precipitate (show) the hardness/chalk. This chalk has a flavour that masks water, and is what causes the damage to our sinks, taps, boilers, contributes to dry skin conditions such as eczema. It also considered by many to be a contributing factor to kidney stones.

This shower control was actually in a home with a working water softener - unfortunately it was the wrong softener for the home, and thus the hard water effects are all over the home.

Sadly, this hard water damaged shower screen was actually in a home with a working water softener. The softener had been poorly installed, and was also the wrong softener for the home

From cafes to launderettes, from care homes to Michelin star restaurants... from food factories to precision engineering. We look after all types of commercial softeners excellently

This commercial softener is located in an NHS hospital in Kent. Here we are doing a full annual service of the softener

This M2 is fitted with high flow hoses in a kitchen double cabinet. The filter to the left of the unit supplies softened filtered water to the main kitchen tap

This Minimax M2 is installed on high flow hoses with standard high flow bypass valves and a pressure limiting valve

This Minimax Major is the block salt model, and is installed in a basement in Deal. We have fitted a condensate pump to run the overflow up should it ever be needed.

Where space is limited, such as underneath a kitchen sink, these butterfly valves are excellent, and give maximum flow of water too!

This EcoWater Refiner is installed at Tram Hatch Gardens in Kent. It softens and filters water drawn from a well which is pre-filtered through a string wound sediment filter

The EcoWater Refiner Boost is a very clever water softener and drinking water filter, combined. This one is installed off a well and we have fitted a backwashing filter before it, and a carbon block after it too.

With softened water, you need just 25ml of washing powder, compared to hard water where you need between 150-180ml of powder. The savings just start to stack up with a water softener fitted

When you have a water softener, this glass shows just 25ml of washing powder, which is all you need in your washing machine on a full load of washing.

This Minimax M2 is the softener that convinced me that there really is a difference between single cylinder softness, and twin cylinder softness. My folks had this installed in their home soon after I joined Harvey Softeners. In those days I was a reluctant employee of Harveys, thinking the twin-cylinder softener was marketing hype

My mum, Christine, has been a vital part of my journey of turning this business around. Along with my dad, who is in another photo, they have been my moral compass, reminding me to ensure I and my team always treat our customers as though they are our folks

This photo was taken in Kingsgate Bay. The customer has hard filtered drinking water through this polished chrome 1/4 turn tap on the side of their sink

This Kinetico Premier is installed in an under-sink cupboard in a home in Bromley, and as the customer's previous softener was also a Kinetico, they wanted the same make again.

Our Excell RO has been especially developed to reduce the effects of cross contamination of plastics and is very popular in the medical marketplace such as dentists and vets. Because it is so well made, it is also perfect for homes as it is very reasonably priced!

Our showroom near Faversham is based on a vintage theme, and has a range of interesting things to look at, as well as being a great place to see what is best for you, if you'd like to pop in

This wooden outside cabinet is installed at Laurence's home and has been painted with a grey brick paint rather than just a wood preserver, giving it a longer life

Included with our quotes, when installing a softener outside is a plywood insulated outside cabinet such as this one

This powder coated aluminium cabinet is designed to be maintenance free and could last the life of the softener. It comes in different sizes

This is a scaled up hot water cylinder we came across a few years back. Imagine how much gas was needed to head the water in that cylinder!! Scale is an excellent insulator and would have made it almost impossible to heat the water efficiently

When we purchased the business, all of the customer data was on paper cards or computer printouts. Kristie was marvellous, and helped us move the data to digital and then begin to validate it

We have had several customers ask us for these. They are a simple push button stop tap, and there is even a version which has a remote switch which makes it perfect for those hard to get places

We have a wonderful team and have a lot of fun in all that we do. You're welcome to pop in and see us anytime

Check out this hot water cylinder which has an inch of scale! Just a 1/4 of an inch will take 55% more gas or electric to get the heat past the scale which is an excellent insulator!

We installed this Kinetico Premier along with Reverse Osmosis system in to a customers home near Faversham, Kent

Before we begin any installation, service or change-over, we always plan our work carefully to ensure we get the best possible quality finish.

This customer didn't want to lose space in their airing cupboard by having a softener installed, and so we built a shelf to go above the softener - and didn't charge them any extra either!

Many customers love the idea of protecting the shelves in their kitchen cupboards from water leaks, and these aluminium trays are the perfect solution. One great supplier is and they can be found on their website by searching for 'Aluminium Base Liners for Kitchen Cabinets' in the Search bar of their website

The kettle was for this customer the reason they wanted a water softener. Every customer has a different reason. For my mum, it was a cup of tea - she didnt like the scum she would get on cups of tea

This Quooker Combi tank is installed near Faversham and is connected to a Kinetico Premier water softener which we installed at the same time, and also there is a Reverse Osmosis system installed in the home, giving purified fresh water to the fridge and a separate tap on the side of the sink

This Quooker was fitted underneath the kitchen sink, and to ensure the customer didnt lose space in the cupboard, we expertly cut a hole through the shelf to fit the Quooker storage tank

This park home near Bromley belongs to Mavis Hawkins, and here she has chosen to have installed a Quooker 3 litre tank with Fusion Square tap and a Minimax M2 block salt softener, which not only protects the Quooker from scale, but also gives the most luxurious softened water throughout the home

This Minimax Major was installed outside a utility room of a large home in Broadstairs, Kent. The customer wanted it fitted outside. We laid the paving slabs and supplied two aluminium powder coated cabinets which as you can see needed to be cut to accomodate existing black pipes that were running behind the softener

Trickle flow causes all manner of problems, least of which is cosmetic staining on shower screens, taps and sinks. Trickle flow is when the water flow can get so slow, a softener cannot 'see' it. Overcome it by installing the right softener for the home!

Doesn't this softener look terrific. Sadly, it doesnt work. It has been poorly installed, is massively over specified and hasnt worked from the day it was installed. This hotel in Broadstairs called us in to solve the problem! See our case studies for more information...

This Minimax M2 is installed in a garage on suitably long hoses to allow the client to move the softener for planned shelving

This installation required a lot of careful planning.

Meet our happy customers

We'll show you how their softeners were installed too!

Richard Cook - Herne Bay

Alison and Stuart Roberts - Herne Hill, Kent

Len Halsall - Eythorne, Kent

Meet Mavis... we're choosing the best Quooker for the home

Richard Cook - Herne Bay