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If you are considering having a water softener system installed in your home, you've probably been doing a lot of research on the internet. You may have spoken to friends or family who already have one; you may already have a couple of quotes. We fit Harvey's Water Softeners because they are the best in the UK

What are you finding out?

No doubt everyone is telling you that their softener system is better than the rest, and, if I know my industry as well as I do, there is a lot of confusion being disseminated.

You may well appreciate some help to sift through the information you have received.

An area where we often find confusion filtering through relates to what is and is not true about the different brands sold by Harvey Softeners, including the claims that some of their softeners are better than others.

So we will attempt to give you all the information you need to answer any questions you may have, and enable you to make an accurate and fully informed decision.

This page covers the features and the benefits of Harveys top brand, Minimax.

Harveys Product Generations

In January 2020, Harveys launched the 4th generation of Block Salt Softener, and it really is packed full of very clever technology, and tremendous performance testing. To help clear up any confusion you may have about the Harvey top brands, I've written a page all about the differences between Harveys, TwinTec and Minimax. View our comparisons page.​

In the meantime, this quick and simple guide may help:

1st Generation

  • Crown Block Salt Softener​

2nd Generation

  • Minimax M1
  • TwinTec S2​
  • Dualflo

3rd Generation

These 3 softeners all feature the same flow rates, performances and efficiencies. These are no longer sold.

  • Minimax M2 
  • TwinTec S3
  • Harveys HV3​

4th Generation

Launched in January 2020.

These 3 softeners all feature the same flow rates, performances and efficiencies.

  • Minimax M3
  • TwinTec S4
  • Harveys HV4

5th Generation

The Elite curved salt brands were launched in December 2020.

Harvey Softeners launched three exclusive named softeners. Each of these softeners is eco-friendly and operates on patented curved salt to guarantee purity, and all of these enjoy super high flow capabilities, best performance and best efficiencies.

From over 200 companies within the industry in the UK, just 28  local businesses (including Hydroworks) have been selected to market the premium quality Minimax and TwinTec products.

The Harvey Arc is available directly from Harvey Softeners via their sales reps.

  • Minimax Innova – available from Hydroworks and  selected Minimax Dealers (10-year parts guarantee)

  • TwinTec Cobalt – available from selected TwinTec Dealers (10-year parts guarantee)

  • Harveys Arc – available from Harvey Softeners directly (3-year parts guarantee)

  • Harvey Minimax Major - for large homes or businesses

  • Harvey Minimax Big Blue - commercial water softener

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minimax logo

The Harveys Minimax softeners are a real feat of British engineering. Each softener is hand-built, with batch pressure testing to an astonishing 1 million high-impact cycles – that's unheard of in the industry, and which not just exceeds British Standards many multiple times over, but guarantees you a softener that is better tested than any other softener in the market! It has a less than 1% failure rate too, another incredible industry-leading achievement.

Harvey Minimax M3

4th Generation – It led the way.

Harvey Minimax M3
UK's No.1 Water Softener

The Minimax M3 saw the Harvey softener become the most advanced and most tested softener in the UK.

10 Year Guarantee Badge
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Harvey Minimax Innova

5th Generation - British manufacturing at its finest.

Minimax Kitchen Closeup
UK's Best Water Softener

The Minimax Innova takes Harvey to the next level.
Exciting improvements make it the industry leader.

10 Year Guarantee Badge
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Harvey Minimax Major

Best for larger homes or businesses.

Harvey Minimax Major
UK's No.1 Water Softener

The Minimax Major is perfect for the larger home or small business and comes in a block or tablet salt model.

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Harvey Minimax Big Blue

Perfect for the commercial sector.

minimax big blue crop
UK's No.1 Water Softener

The Minimax Big Blue commercial water softener is very popular in large homes with up to 6-bathrooms, plus hotels, launderettes and factories.

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Features and Benefits